Hard to realize that spring will be upon on before we know it, so bidding the Holidays adieu lets get ready to PLAY BALL

All of the below membership meetings are at the Community Center on Arden

January 20th  7pm

Baseball DRAFT - Feb.3rd - Warren Community Center Cafeteria
No Feb. meeting - sign-ups begin

Due to sign ups the next membership meeting will be held April 20th  7pm Community Center


This update applies to all children playing baseball for WVAC in the 9 thru 17 age bracket for the 2017 season.  The age cut off date has been changed to MAY 1st.  All children who played baseball for WVAC in 2015 will be grandfathered for the 2016 season.  All new children signing up will abide by the MAY 1st cut off date.  All children playing baseball for WVAC in the above age bracket for the 2017 season will abide by the MAY 1st cut off date.


Registration dates, times and places are listed below and may also be found in the Warren Newsbeat mailed to all Warren Residents.

In person registration at Owen Jax Recreation Center  -   8207 East 9 Mile Road, Warren, MI.

Saturday        February 27th    1 pm until 4 pm

Wednesday     March 2nd           6 pm until 9 pm

Saturday         March 12th          1 pm to 4 pm

Wednesday     March 16th          6 pm to 9 pm

In person STRAGGLERS registration at Warren Community Center - 5460 Arden, Warren, MI

Saturday        March 26th          1 pm until 4 pm

WVAC Tee Ball and Machine Pitch Director

WVAC Adult Pitch Instructional Softball Director

WVAC Baseball Athletic Director

WVAC Softball Athletic Director

For more information please see the parents or members page

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